Consumed by a Cause


Born into an abusive family in the oppressive nation of Thay, Etrir developed an early distrust of authoritarian structure. Further negative experiences with religious structures served to cement this into a belief that all hierarchical structures lead to enslavement. Rejecting even gender, Etrir finds that only the violent destruction of systems will lead to true freedom for people.

Etrir cultivates an indistinct appearance. Naturally of medium height and build, she answers to and uses any pronoun. Keeping his hair short, his naturally fine features lead many to not only read them as male or female, but often as a human child – something they use to her advantage.

Etrir often works to infiltrate power structures, using both a natural talent for interaction and a conviction that violent means are the only way to reach their ends. She works as a mercenary, spy, and assassin, only taking targets which benefit from power structures. She endeavors to leave his clients in as much disarray as their targets.

Etrir is deeply opposed to all religions, military structure, slavery and chattel service, magical schools, guild systems and apprenticeship, and feudalism.


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